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These kids! curses&blessings

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“We must prepare the child for the path and not the path for the child” -Tim Elmore

Bang! Crash! You hear the pattering of feet and then the loud sounds and a high pitched scream and all you can do is start to rub your temples… “What the hell could they have broken this time?” You start to think you’re going for the world record of how many times you can replace the living room lamp. As you’re cleaning the pieces of the lamp, they seem to symbolize your broken mental state… And you laugh because you know it’s not the time to break down, because you have two diapers to change and oatmeal to clean off the wall from yesterday. You think: One more child throws food at me, I just might throw some back! “How do y’all even have the energy still?!” you scream in your head, but thankfully the night is starting to wind down, this is the last meal you need to cook and serve then they’re in the bath and in to bed. By the time you finally get them into bed, you ponder how your life became cursed with so much chaos?

as your thinkin about your life choices and how they got you to this point, you start to remember all the little things that come with these monsters. That sound when they scream your name when they first see you after a long day. The way their little warm bodies feel when they fall asleep in your arms. That moment you see them shine with a new skill you taught them. You start to have a little short film in your head and you see them slowly aging and growing, you think of how you made this little person. This little person took me from a child and made me an adult, made me value something more than life Itself. This little pesron or persons is the foundation of everything I do in life. Then you kiss their head and say: “This little person is the biggest blessing I have and will ever have.” because the funny thing about kids is they are the reason we lose it, but they are also the reason we hold it together.

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