the road to change only starts when you take the first step

is it a disease or state of mind?

In life we all have a choice, whether you are making the choice to consume copious amounts of substances to numb yourself from the pain of the world, or you’re in search of a love that you never got so you’re addicted to selling your body. So you ran the streets and anger was your shield and has now become your crutch. All of these things were initially a choice, you chose to walk the path that lead you to these addictions. they weren’t forced upon you, they were given and freely accepted and held onto, you just have to choose to let them go.

Whatever you have been holding, whether it is the image of the trusted family member that took advantage of you as a child, the mother that threw you to the wolves and expected you to hunt with no weapon, or maybe you learned from example; you watched someone you care and trust ingest or smoke something and you saw their false happiness and you figured this was the only way to procure your own. You’re wrong and you have been for a while, all these things that you hold onto and have let shape your current wants and needs are your addiction, not the substance you use to escape them.

You hear that addiction is a disease that needs to be fought. Cancer is a disease, AIDs is a disease, and addiction is a state of mind that the weak-willed have let themselves be placed in the category of to rid themselves of the responsibility of accountability to change. It’s so much easier to say “I have a disease I can’t stop” than “I’m addicted and I need to work on myself”.

Understandable that your first thought is “but I can’t, I’m addicted, I’ve tried”. but in your youth didn’t your brain say “gross ill never do that”? Now, nothing in life is easy and I’m not saying this will be one of those things because it definitely will not be. Starting will always be harder than stopping because of what the addiction is shielding you from. The pain of life or the suffering of your past

The first step in will always be to ground yourself in the present and look clearly into the future that you want to create for yourself. Create a fixed point, and center it in your mind’s eye, then take your first step. The road to recovery will be hard and there will be many obstacles every second your gonna think “it would be easier if I….. “, NO! It won’t, do it the hard way and the right way and it’ll be worth it. Because addiction is not a disease, it is a state of mind. And if that’s the case then why haven’t you taken the steps to get to a great and higher elevated state of mind…

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