the road to change only starts when you take the first step

that time of year again

what is Christmas?
its the tenderness of the past,
courage for the present.
And hope for the future……

Agnes H. pando

here we are again, its that time of year were standing in a line for something is mandatory , weither its for a turkey and sides or that toy your kid has wanted all year long and by this time you can even sing the song to the commercial the little thing goes with. but as you grow this time of year changes in meaning. you start out thinking this time of year means two things, that you will get everything under the sun you have wished for from the mysterious entity Santa and that this is the only time of year you see the sea of good food and smells that floods in at every house you go to. its the most festive joyess time of year and as a kid you have no idea of the hidden stress and strife behind this time of year.

then you start to get into your teens you realize that you parents are Santa and that you really got to behave yourself or your not getting a thing for the holidays besides some socks and soap. you even get mad to help with the holiday meal prep cause you peaked in the kitchen at the wrong time. ahhh how you already missing the Christmas of the past where all you had to do was receive. but now you get the chance to also bless someone with a gift , but at this point you may not realize how good of a feeling that might be. to give the gift of a smile. these lessons are starting to leave there first impressions, the gift of giving , the gift or tradition and family vibes . all these things have an impression in your heart but Haven’t made it to the for front of your mind yet.

now finally we have come full circle and we are back to standing in line to get your kid that toy they’ve been begging for all year long . as you stand there in line humming that stupid commercial you smile. you think to yourself ” life is an interesting movie , its the same plot over and over again with different characters, but everyone wants to be better in the sequel the the original actor did before him\her.” you stand there with you new realization that this time of year is no longer for the receiver but for the giver. you used to think you was winning by getting the gifts and now you know your winning by giving them. even if its just the gift of a free compliment or thought this is the time to give.

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