the road to change only starts when you take the first step

Talk talk talk
I sit here and argue with the dog

I yell yell yell

And the dog simply barks bacc

I whoop the dog and put it in the cage

It cries cries cries

The whole time I’m yelling because the dog shit on the carpet,

And the whole time the dog is barking to say I’m sorry but I couldn’t hold it I tried ,

When I seen what u did I already knew what I was gunna say,

When u did it u panicked instead of explaining,

We both saw a future that never existed,

And now we have a deal with a present that was meant to be.............

i wonder who else in life goes into to arguments with pre-conceved notions. you go into it thinking off tops your right , or your opinion is the only one that is valid. because as you grow you form these beliefs that in your mind body and soul are right and nothing you learn or hear can change them , or so you think. the closed eye will never experience the beauty of the sunrise. you can never learn if you aren’t willing to admit the things you know might be wrong. but what does that even mean to be wrong , is it just the assortation of new knowledge, is it just the fact that the solution you came up with at the end of the equation just has the wrong answer. so does that mean your wrong or that everything you where taught up until that point was wrong.

in life our greatest skill and ability , is the ability to devour knowledge and strengthen our thought process. people always think to be top dog or alphas you physical prowess need to be at the peak of you peers. but in that aspect people are wrong, the giant was taken down by a man with a rock , not because he was the stronger one but because the giant got out thought. one of my favorite lines is “if we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow that wherever it leads us. the free mind is no barking dog to be tethered by a 10 foot chain.” instead of wasting your time in the same everyday arguments or stale mates continue your pursuit of knowledge and find common ground and understanding.

” to do something over and over and expect different results” that’s the definition of insanity. when you think about everyone does this and by definition is insane. why be part of the insane flock that consciously decides to stop learning, in the pursuit of knowledge you gain the understanding that if something being said isn’t being understood you need to change the words in which you are using to convey the thought or feelings you are trying to put forth. then to go even deeper with the assertation of new knowledge you can even begin to judge if the thoughts and feelings your trying to convey are they not being understood cause your wrong or the person your talking to isn’t ready to learn the lesson you are trying to teach. you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. you cant make someone learn something they aren’t ready to even think about. but all these lessons are learned in the pursuit of knowledge and on the path of life …. never stop learning and moving forward……

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3 responses to “talk, talk , talk”

  1. Sherri Curtright Avatar
    Sherri Curtright

    That passage left me thinking…and also gave me a sense of peace too.

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    1. Sherri Curtright Avatar
      Sherri Curtright

      Thank you for this.

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      1. Os inc. Avatar

        thank you for the comment and if my writing gives one person some peace then it was worth it


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