the road to change only starts when you take the first step

adulthood ” why Didn’t Anyone tell me”

Let me set the scene: There was a moment in time when you and your friends would giggle and play house, or maybe you were the kid strapping toys to rockets because you saw it in a cartoon; but never the less the sky is blue, the birds are singing, you don't know the day of the month, let alone the day of the week. Your only worries are what chaos that you call fun that you can you stir up. Life is at it's grandest that it will ever be and in your head it's going to be like this forever and a day.

 Then, we will fast forward... But not too far,  just to the times you're running around the cafeteria, the bass in your vocal cords is just starting to form and and you're using it to flex the patience of every teacher and adult around you... And in your youthful tunnel vision, all you can see is the fun in front of you and the annoying tests and teachers on the side of you. You're just starting to grow your own opinions and thoughts and your starting to have visions of the future. Visions of adulthood that look so grand, so full of doing whatever the freak you want. You start to see a future of possibilities and all the possible things you want to become and do and you can't wait to be an adult. 

Then, in the blink of an eye, you are a young adult preparing to leave school. Just feeling the first little bits of stress that life has to offer. Your grand vision of the future hasn't left you minds eye yet but the brightness of the idea has started to diminish as you start to deal with the first little inklings of BS that life has started to throw at you under the guise of adult problems. But you being you, you strive forward never faltering in the idea that adulthood is grand.

 One day you awaken in the night, all you hear is a high pitched shreak, you leap out of your bed and make a mad dash to the next room to find your second to oldest fighting an imaginary person in her sleep. You sigh... Calmly say " baby girl you're sleeping", she tiredly says something about how big the monster was. You laugh to yourself and assure her that if there was a monster, no matter how big, you would be able to save her. She accepts that answer and goes soundly back to sleep. Then as you walk around you house and check to make sure everyone is asleep and everything is locked; you find yourself thinking: "Adulthood, why didn't anyone tell me it would be so vastly different than I could ever have pictured it".
"The day you graduate from childhood to adulthood is the day you take full responsibility of your actions" -Darren Hardy

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