the road to change only starts when you take the first step

social inequalities, what do they mean to you ?

What do you mean you won’t serve me? What do you people mean? Just because my ancestors were racists doesn’t mean I am! I have a black friend! All these phrases get tossed back and forth so much in this day and age. In a time that we are far removed from the separate fountains, we as a society have now come to a point of an overwhelming fear of saying the wrong thing, people are becoming prejudiced in another way. And we have gone from open hate to hidden sly comments and whispers. In a time of freedom of speech and rights booming for all we still find a reason to hate each other for race skin creed or sexual orientation and it’s baffling.

But then in this day and age, we have moved even farther than the regular racial condescension. We have gotten to the point of such social sensitivity that now everything is seen as racist. In this day and age, we as a society have gotten so socially sensitive that you can’t say anything without it offending somebody or getting banned from some sort of platform, or getting your opinion censored. What makes the whole situation even more baffling is that everyone, every race deals with their own form of racism and bigotry that’s aimed specifically at them.

You have the backbone of our society, Hispanics, who never fully get enough credit. They come from a far more hostile environment. They travel a journey, like something created only in a Netflix movie. Only to get here and work any job they can get that people who were born here and sit in luxury, never wanna do. So, then you have people that complain they are taking all the jobs. Well, where you when the position was first offered and you turned your nose up to it?

Then you have the ever-changing black man, we fight an inner war with ourselves and an outer war with our brothers. We king of kings could lift and carry the world on our backs but instead we self-sabotage and sit in self-pity and doubt. We blame the world for what has happened to us and we place our pain upon the youth to carry, instead of learning from past strife and tribulations and forging a better path and leaving generational wealth instead of generational hate.

But you also have the white man, who I kind of even feel bad for. Because in this day and age, nobody is safe from the hate and bigotry of the world. You got some who have been just raised in a culture of ignorance so they have no idea that what they are saying is something that they shouldn’t or just plain have not been able to be in the presence of another culture so they lack the skills to have social acceptance of another and their views or habits.

Yes, there are plenty of others who all have their own stories and social plights. That even further proves the point, that there is no point to the current social inequalities and racial disrespect we all deal with on a day to day. It makes no sense that we all see the crabs in the bucket and how they behave and choose to mirror their behavior… “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

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