the road to change only starts when you take the first step

dreams, when is it to late to stop or start?

You catch yourself as you’re staring out the window. What were you just thinking about? You have the faded recollection of something you wanted to do, somebody you wanted to be like. Memories of a past life that wanted a different future. Let me present a thought: When in your life did you first decide what you wanted to be when you grew up? And when did you decide it was okay to give up on those dreams?

There was a time in life that your dreams were something that you just assumed were going to come true. When you were younger you were asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At that moment, when you answered, your brain told you that it will come true because you wanted it to, and never in life did you doubt for a second that the decision you made would not come to fruition…

As you get older, you realize these dreams take a real amount of effort and dedication that nobody ever prepared you for. Everyone has always told you that you can be whatever you want but nobody ever actually listened and prepared you for said “whatever you want”. They kinda just nodded their head, said “that’s cute” and moved on. Nevertheless, you press forward with your dominant foot and you decide to strive to accomplish them by any means necessary. You realize wishful thinking will no longer cut it, you realize that only.

Somewhere along this great journey we call life, you lost sight of those dreams. You might even have forgotten what they even were. Now you think that you’re too old to follow your dreams, they need to be practical. That thought sets in and overshadows your youthful want to follow those old aspirations. Don’t let the stress strife and monotony of life be the reason you don’t accomplish something the world could be in dire need of.

It’s difficult to follow your dreams, but it’s a tragedy to let them fall by the wayside… Imagine how the world would look if people followed their hearts and stopped settling. Imagine what it would look like if childhood hearts and dreams were what ran the world. The purity of one’s soul is lost to adulthood. And with that loss comes the weight of the opinions of the world. In those somewhere, people find and solidify their reason not to continue their dreams. It’s never too late to regain what was lost, regain that purity of your childhood and show your younger generation it is never too late to pursue your passions and never let the ideals and standards of the world crush your passions

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