the road to change only starts when you take the first step


They say it commith before the fall,
It is also the thing that makes you carry your head up and stand tall, 
Though sometimes it can make you ignorant like you  know all. 
An others your running smoothly and its the thing that can make your engine stall.
In little  doses it can help you stride for the best and can take you far,
but be careful cause they say pride always commith before the fall......... 

i can definingly say i am one of the more prideful people in my circles. a lot of time it has bitten me in the rear when i put it first but a lot of times i feel like its protected me from what could possibly been a loss. but i always question would that loss would have been worth it? was that lesson a missed opportunity for growth. did i let the wrong thing make my Decisions. why as men do we feel we have to lead our actions with our pride or portray ourselves to be the strongest.

a lot of times as men we let it be the thing that stands in the way of Forgiveness, acceptance, and growth as individuals. i Myself have been a victim of this circumstance many of times. 29 years later I’m still having difficulty putting it aside. i think its a basic male instinct to lead with it. but i also think we put too much thought into it , i think its really an urban legend like the ground hogg telling us if we are going to have 3 more months of winter. if we decided collectively that it was none existent and Didn’t decide Wither or not we have a longer winter or not we Wouldn’t.

now that Im grown and i have children of my own and i find myself leading and caring for a household i find myself thinking more and more about my pride. i wanna raise my girls to be strong and courageous but not prideful. and as an adult I’m realizing in order to teach someone a lesson it must be one you yourself have learned. so I’m letting it go more and more everyday , learning to apologize and admit my wrong doings in life. because there is no growth if there is no acknowledgment off wrong . and more people need to push aside that fear that are covering with pride and admit its ok to be wrong and its ok to grow and to change your mindset and ways of thinking , do not let pride be the things that drags you down as you climb your personal mountain.

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there are two kinds of pride : good pride , which represents our dignity and self-respect & bad pride, which is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance

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