the road to change only starts when you take the first step

will u die in bliss or regret?
May you enjoy your 30 minutes in heaven before the devil realizes you're dead. 
Before all the sins spew from your soul and the bad thoughts leave your head
. Enjoy the few moments of something you know you do not deserve and was never planned. 
For in that brief instant, you saw what it feels like to be another man. 
All moments are fleeting. And your soul is wicked and dying. So if all you have is 30 minutes,
 Then there is no sense in crying. And enjoy your moments of bliss 
and don't regret a life not trying...

People go their whole lives and don't realize they have lived this whole time unfulfilled, stagnant like they have been running full speed thinking they have just finished the longest marathon and they look down to find themselves on a treadmill. I wonder how that feels, to get to the end of your journey to find out that the road you have traveled wasn't even traveled to its fullest extent, you missed sights that you didn't know were there. to live life with no regrets I think is every person's final asperation. 

When you permit yourself to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. no matter what it is, even if the outcome wasn't desired, never waver in your decisions. the undesired outcome can only lead to an unknown lesson to be learned and coveted. so many times in life to we make a wrong turn and get frustrated at our inner compass when, unknowingly, we were always pre-destined for this path.

Don't get me wrong, everyone has had moments in their life when they say to themselves; "why did I do that", "did I really have to be that harsh", "why would I step out on her if I love her". All these are definitely regrettable, and you have the right to wish they didn't happen, but what I'm proposing is why not change from "I wish that didn't happen" to " thank you for showing me never how to act again". Change moments from absolute regret to absolute clarity.

Now I think the only thing worse in life than regretting something you did is regretting something you didn't do... 
To walk through life wondering... Wondering if you should have taken that job, wondering if you should have moved to that new city, wondering if you should have left instead of staying, thinking you should have told them you loved them before you ran out of opportunities to do so. You will always fool yourself into thinking the number of tomorrows is unlimited...

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